Corporate Citizenship

FEATURED SESSION: Corporate Citizenship

The Power of Social Impact on Workplace Culture

  • Speakers:
  • Janiece Evans-Page, Vice President, Fossil Global Philanthropy and Sustainability, Fossil
  • Elisa Senor, Customer Success Manager, Local Chair, Box
  • April Hawkins, Assistant Vice President, MetLife Foundation
  • Moderator:
  • Suzi Sosa, CEO, Verb

How can social impact strengthen your company’s culture? How can your social impact reputation protect your brand when it’s attacked? What social impact programs are good for a company of your size and lifecycle stage? How can social impact commitments help you retain and develop your key talent? In this session, leaders from Fossil, Box and MetLife will share their social impact playbooks, program results and perspectives on how to engage employees and strengthen company culture through social impact.