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We are proud to announce that the power of the Culturati: Summit and the expert insight of Culturati: LIVE is now available at your fingertips any time you need it. Search by topic, keyword, speaker, event, or even quote to access the thought leadership driving today's conversation on culture.

Our 2022 CEO, CHRO, and executive presenters (inc. Cynt Marshall, David Brooks, Ellen McGirt, and Chris Hyams) dove deep into the Great Resignation, Future of Work, and Civil Discourse following through lines of Belonging as an Outcome of DEI, Social Capital, the Mental Health Crisis, and the CEO as Chief Communicator.

Prior speakers over the last seven years include Caroline Wanga, Dean Carter, Arianna Huffington, Tristan J Walker, Patty McCord, Admr. James G Starvidis, Shellye Archambeau, R.C. Buford, among others who discuss topics such as advocacy, brands taking a stand, corporate citizenship, DEI, leadership, mental health, and more