Mindy Gulati

President, Fundamental Advisory & Legacy Fund LLP

Mindy Gulati is President of Fundamental Advisory and Chief Compliance Officer at Legacy Fund LP. Mindy is passionate about fostering equity and inclusion through her work. She has invested tremendous energy throughout her career sparking social movements for change through relationship-building and hard work, though her most profound joy comes from simply giving a strong, clear voice to those who may not always be heard. She prides herself on being a builder for others and recognizes that incremental improvement is only part of the path to success, not the finish line.

Her personal beliefs are manifested in her professional duties as well. At Legacy Fund LP, sustainable wealth is about more than account balances. Beyond her legal duties as CCO, she is focused on empowering those who are underrepresented in finance and investment management through access, education, and networking opportunities. At her consulting firm, Fundamental Advisory, she educates organizations on issues related to Inclusion and Implicit Bias and provides the building blocks for cultural change through empathy, storytelling and understanding. She regularly tackles complex issues such as implicit bias, inclusion at work, compensation equity, harassment, and discrimination.