4:00p - 4:10p


Project #3: Kayla Wilson, Metamorphosis Mobile Boutique

Project #4: Oluwaseun Kayode, Rebook Africa

Project #5: Sanah Jivani, The Love Your Natural Self Foundation

Tags: Purposeful Leadership, Courageous Leadership

Young people can be powerful problem-solvers if they are called and prepared to do so.

In the second of two quick segments during the day on our keynote stage, we’ll hear from several youth culture creators from around the globe, presented by PeaceFirst, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young people around the world to become agents of positive change.

These Fellows-In-Residence have accomplished much already. They have created homes for queer youth in the American South, helped immigrants discover their political power, built a large peer-to-peer network in U.S. schools to combat isolation, and more. Their Culturati presentations are the culmination of an intense Accelerator experience that provides each Fellow with the tools, talent, capital and awareness needed to scale their work.