4:10p - 5:00p



Dr. Darren White, Aduro

Dr. Eileen McNeely, SHINE, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Kathryn Farmer, Levi Strauss & Co.


Dr. Steven Tomlinson, Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas

Tags: Purposeful Leadership, Measuring Leadership

When employees are at their best, organizations are unstoppable. Are your employees fine or are they flourishing?

In this all-star closing keynote panel we consider what it means for employees and organizations to flourish across every aspect of work and life.

We’ll examine original research from Harvard School of Public Health about how a culture of care promotes human performance, show how human support and technology can help put this science into practice, and see how Levi's commitment to employees and workers pays off.

Attendees will learn what really drives well-being at work and surprising ways a thriving culture affects business outcomes.

You’ll also understand the kind of human support and systems needed to build and sustain a culture where employees flourish.

And most importantly, you’ll get fresh ideas about how to apply this new science to your own company initiatives.