9:20a - 9:40a


Carin Taylor, Workday

Tags: Strategic Leadership, Courageous Leadership

Great leaders know firsthand that diversity and inclusion drive high performance, employee engagement, and innovation. Yet it is possible to be diverse and included but still not feel like you belong. Without belonging, we're not able to fully manifest the full impact of the diverse and inclusive culture we’ve built.

In this keynote, Workday Chief Diversity Office Carin Taylor will talk about what's next for CEOs, COOs, CHROs with a DEI mandate. She'll open up about Workday's new Belonging Index, how it was implemented, and what concrete actions were taken as a result. She'll talk about what didn't work too, and where she sees the most room for improvement, both at Workday and beyond.

Attendees will gain key insights into how Taylor uses data to monitor things like pay equity, time-to-promotion, and turnover.

You’ll learn why in order to make stronger connections with each other, we need to share our experiences—including the difficult ones, when we’ve felt like an outsider.

You’ll also learn about Workday’s Global Employee Belong Council and Leadership Summit, which brought together representatives from more than 20 employee belonging councils like The Talented Tenth, Workday Pride, Veterans @ Workday, and Women @ Workday, to name a few.