Antone's: 16th Floor


Hannah Nokes, Magnify Impact

Maggie Miller, Magnify Impact

Tags: Purposeful Leadership, Strategic Leadership

In an era when brands often feel they must “take a stand,” aligning purpose and profit is key. Hannah and Maggie help business leaders turn their social responsibility programs into powerful tools for engaging customers and employees. They have worked extensively with Culturati members at Notley, Texas Mutual, Sailpoint, Lockheed Martin, and more.

In this interactive session, attendees will be able to walk away with a tangible action plan to involve your most important stakeholders in strategic objectives and financial returns.

Attendees will learn how social impact can be used as a leadership tool to further employee fulfillment and purpose mindset.

You’ll also explore how your company can apply your unique superpower to transform communities.

Finally, you will map out how to electrify your company’s ecosystem so that stakeholders become loyal champions and raving fans.