1:00p - 4:00p: Antone's Classroom

A New Playbook on Belonging, Risk-Taking and High Performance

Leader: Rajkumari Neogy, iRestart

Presented by CBRE

What is epigenetics? How does it relate to neurobiology? And what the heck does any of it have to do with belonging, team dysfunction and toxic behaviors?

In this highly experiential and interactive 3-hour workshop, come learn more about how elevating empathy, trust and inclusivity within teams starts with knowing your mindset and skillset. The combination of your mindset and skillset is the wisdom you bring to the table. The key for optimal team performance is learning to access this wisdom to dissolve dysfunction and create safety, especially in moments of conflict or tension. This workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to deep-dive into what prevents collaboration, engagement and allyship while inspiring transformation. You’ll understand the 4 team roles of dysfunction, what drives exclusion, the 3 types of empathy that remedy exclusion and the key tenet leaders need to drive change.

You’ll walk away with tools you can apply immediately once you’re back with your team.

You’ll have a better understanding of what drives dysfunction and how to work with it in the moment.

You’ll have a chance to practice an empathy PRO TIP with your peers.