1:10p - 2:00p


Amy Nelson, The Riveter

Arlan Hamilton, Backstage Capital

Tags: Purposeful Leadership, Courageous Leadership

Good friends and frequent collaborators, Arlan and Amy each lead very successful, purpose-driven organizations that advance women and underrepresented groups.

Arlan and Amy each have a unique way of leading that maps to their own values, constraints, and ambition. Together they are setting a new example for emerging leaders that rejects old models and assumptions about what it means to motivate others to action.

In this keynote, Arlan and Amy will discuss their own leadership journeys, the hallmarks of their respective leadership styles, and the process of developing their own template for what it means to be a leader and steward a high-performing culture.

As an audience we’ll have the privilege of peeking in on old friends catching up and getting 100% real about the challenges they have faced and the paths they blaze everyday.

In this session, attendees can expect the following key takeaways:

You’ll see leaders who deliver successful change at scale by focusing on organizational health and wealth discuss the highs and lows of this approach.

You’ll experience a candid, myth-busting conversation around why funding women and marginalized groups makes good business sense.

You’ll see community-first leaders who do not shy away from sociopolitical issues discuss how their leadership is impacted in an election cycle.