9:00a - 9:20a


Stuart Crabb, Oxegen Consulting, LLC

Tags: Courageous Leadership

Stuart joined Facebook very early and lead their global learning and development efforts for more than seven years. Today he spends most of his time working with organizations who are experiencing major organizational change, due to hyper-growth, restructuring, acquisition, and more.

In this keynote, Stuart will highlight patterns of success in leaders who successfully steward their organizations through challenging seasons, and he’ll leave attendees with a set of repeatable strategies that can be immediately put to use in any organization.

In his time with us, Stuart will focus specifically on culture and leadership challenges that newer companies face, but the resulting lessons are applicable to all.

Attendees will gain key insights into common do’s and don’ts in periods of high growth. How does culture continue to flourish? Is it possible to keep what made us great, or must we renovate?

You’ll learn what Facebook did well and could have done better as it grew, specifically around training the next generation of leaders at the company.

You’ll learn how to unlock high performance by treating people like an owner, getting out of their way, building a culture of continuous learning, and never avoiding a hard conversation.