Austin City Limits: 16th Floor


Kate Hogan, Hagerty

Hagerty's innovative culture is grounded in purpose and codified in their “People Promise” — a practical description of the company's commitments to employees who consistently bring their best to work.

In this session, longtime Culturati member Kate Hogan will describe the People Promise and how they connect their teams’ sense of purpose to corporate objectives.

They’ll also show how the People Promise became a strategic initiative for Hagerty, how they've integrated it into their leadership and corporate practices, and how they measure business impact. They’ll also show you how your organization can launch its own People Promise in 2020.

Attendees will learn exactly how Hagerty reconnected company goals and priorities to what matters most to each employee.

You’ll learn how the process unfolded in time, and what Hagerty will do differently next time.

And most importantly, you’ll see data that expresses the work’s success, and understand how to measure similar efforts at your own company.